Kavárna Nahoře
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  • Starters

  • 135 Kč - Pork Rillet with french Cornichons pickles and home made bread 150g
    220 Kč - Grilled Scamroza with parma ham and home made bread 125g
    280 Kč - Affetati Misti -selection of italian salmi, sun dried tomatoes, olives 200g
    260 Kč - Formaggi Misti -selection of italian cheese with truffle honey and pear 200g
    175 Kč - Beef tenderloin tartare with pickle, shallot and dijon mustard 120g
    260 Kč - Pan fried prawns with avocado, cherry tomatoes, frise salad and chili,
                    honey and lime dressing
  • Pasta & Risotto

  • 295 Kč - Saffron risotto with prawns
    260 Kč - Risotto nero with seafood
    240 Kč - Mushroom risotto with salsiccia and truffle oil
    220 Kč - Pumpkin risotto with parmesan chips
    270 Kč - Linguine with prawns, chilli, garlic and cherry tomatoes
    185 Kč - Penne Caccio e Peppe with Pecorino Romano cheese and black pepper
    195 Kč - Fusilli with Salsiccia, sun dried tomatoes, pancetta and chilli
    275 Kč - Gnocchi with salsiccia, pancetta, black truffle paste and truffle oil
    220 Kč - Penne with aubergine, sun dried tomatoes, basil, cherry tomatoes,
                    chilli and mozzarella
  • Main courses

  • 280 Kč - Braised beef ragout from Rudimov farm cooked with red wine,
                    pan fried vegetables, pancetta and patoto puree 200g
    320 Kč - Veal Saltimbocca alla Romana with grenaille 180g
    240 Kč - Corn chicken Supreme with chanterelles and parsmesan risotto 200g
    240 Kč - French duck konfit on apples, Celeriac puree 280g
    290 Kč - Lamb ragout from Rudimov farm cooked with white wine and rosemary,
                    corn polenta 200g
    490 Kč - Beef tenderloin Tagliatta with rucola salad and parmesan 200g
  • Salads

  • 195 Kč - Red and white chickory, baked bell peppers,
                    Pecorino Romano cheese and walnuts
    195 Kč - Rucola, goat cheese, pomegranate and beetroot
    150 Kč - Cucumber, fresh tomatoes, bell peper and rucola
    170 Kč - Rucola, apples, gorgonzola and sun dried tomatoes
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  • Beer

  • 25 Kč - Permon 11 0,33l
    45 Kč - Pilsner Urquell 0,33l
    45 Kč - Bernard dark 0,5l
    40 Kč - Bernard non-alcoholic light 0,33
Fringilla id justo id
  • Events

  • Organizing a business dinner, birthday celebration or wedding? We have a lot a of experiences with all mentioned in full scale solution. Let us prepare your beskope event.
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