You can look forward to enjoy our classic offer of drinks. However you can also look forward to eat something small prepared in our kitchen of restaurant dole!


Beef tartare with shallot, dijon mustard, garlic confit and capers, bruschette  175 Kč

Pan fried prawns, sepia, snow peas, green beans, chilli oil, basil  175 Kč

Nachos baked with cheddar cheese, salasa pico de gallo  85 Kč

Fried jalapeños stuffed with cheddar cheese, pico de gallo salsa, sour cream, nachos  155 Kč

Cherry tomatoes salad with shallot, cilantro and roasted almonds, vinagrette  110 Kč

Mixed leaf salad with fresh and dryed tomatoes  95 Kč

Chicken Mole tacos, marinated onion, coriander and queso fresco  135 Kč

Cochinita pibíl pork tacos with marinated onion  145 Kč

Prawn tacos with pico de gallo salsa and chipotle mayo  165 Kč


Flank steak 250 Kč
Flank steak with chimichurri salsa, glazed onion, green leaf salad and grilled corn cobs

Smashed Double cheese burger 195 Kč
Cheddar, pickles and tomatoes, homemade chips

The Last Supper 220 Kč
Bacon burger with cheddar, caramelised onion and a special sauce, homemade chips

Fried Teachicken 175 Kč
Fried chicken marinated with tea, buttermilk and chilli, grilled corn, sriracha mayo

Honey Ribs 195 Kč
Pork ribs with honey, dijon mustard, paprika, tomato gravy and creamed corn

Speld Salad 160 Kč
Speld salad with fava beans, asparagus, avocado, pine nuts,
rucola, parsley, basil and taragon

Watermelon Salad 170 Kč
Watermelon salad with prawns, radish, cucumber, chervil and jalapeño vinagrette