You can look forward to enjoy our classic offer of drinks. However you can also look forward to eat something small prepared in our kitchen of restaurant dole!


Coleslaw salad – 35 Kč

Sweet potato French fries with our home-made tartar sauce – 65 Kč

Onion rings with BBQ mayonnaise – 65 Kč

Nachos con queso – 85 Kč  

baked with cheddar cheese, salsa pico de gallo

Mixed lettuce salad with sun-dried & fresh tomatoes, rucola, citrus dressing – 95 Kč

Hummus with dill, capers, onions and pappadums flatbread – 105 Kč

Chilli cheese fries baked with beef ragu & cheddar – 120 Kč

Fried jalapeños stuffed with cheddar cheese, salsa pico de gallo,

sour cream, nachos – 155 Kč

Tacos with pulled chicken in mayan mole sauce, fresh cheese, coriander – 135 Kč

Tacos cochinita pibíl – 145 Kč

pulled pork marinated in pineapple, cinnamon and achiote paste, onion, coriander

Tacos with deep-fried cod, lettuce, red cabbage,tomatoes, jalapeño-lime mayonnaise – 145 Kč

Tacos with prawns, chipotle mayonnaise, salsa pico de gallo, cilantro – 165 Kč


Tonkotsu ramen – 195 Kč

pork broth, egg noodles, charsiu porkbelly, egg, nori sea-weed, shiitake mushrooms, scallions, katsuobushi

Sloppy Joe’s – 165 Kč

beef ragu, brioche bun, jalapeños, cheddar cheese, French fries

Blue cheese burger – 185 Kč

beef burger, brioche, Gorgonzola cheese, caramelised onion, tomatoe, mustard mayonaisse, French fries

Smashed double cheeseburger – 195 Kč

double beef burger, brioche, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, mustard mayonaisse, salad, tomatoe, cucumber

Rice & white beans vegan burger, brioche, sweet & sour courgette and raisins,

garlic soyanaisse, French fries – 195 Kč

Buttermilk fried chicken sandwich – 165 Kč

fried chicken, brioche, pancetta, mustard mayonaisse, pickled cucumber, Coleslaw salad 

Vegan kukuřičný salát – 165 Kč

corn salad with beans, salsa roja, avocado, red onion, nachos, cilantro

Quinoa salad with kale, apples, horseraddish, dried&fresh tomatoes – 165 Kč

Penne cacio e pepe, pecorino Romano, black pepper – 155 Kč

Fish & chips – 190 Kč

fried cod with French fries, house made tartar sauce, mashed peas, apricot chutney   

Roasted pork ribs with BBQ sauce, dukkah, pommegranade, cilantro, Coleslaw salad – 175 Kč


Please ask our service team about our daily dessert